The holiday season is upon us, and everyone can get into the spirit of Christmas by playing online slots that are not only Christmassy, but also deliver high quality gaming, as well as big, big prizes. Don’t be a miser this month of gift-giving, give it your all when playing online casino games. Check out these 12 Christmas-themed online slots, and you’ll surely be glad to spend your holidays at home. 

Rudolph’s Revenge

If you thought the North Pole is a happy place to be come Christmas time, then you might want to rethink that thought when you enter Rudolph’s Revenge. RTG has come up with this video slot to present the North Pole in a whole new light.   The goody two shoes reindeer that Santa ordered to lead his sleigh one winter night is no more. 

In this 50 paylines, 5 reels progressive slot, Rudolph is portrayed as this belligerent creature who appears to be wreaking havoc in Santa’s homeland. The background of the game features typical Christmas stuff like Christmas lights and trees. But then there’s also a nuclear bomb that’s fast approaching when you play the game. 


RTG really loves Santa, and this is evident in its Santastic slot game. This 30 paylines, 3 reels slot machine can teach you the true meaning of Christmas. For one, it is centered on Santa Claus and Santa’s helpers and what they do to make everyone in the world happy on Christmas day. 

Santastic is full of cheer and all, but there’s actually no background music in the game. What you will hear are sound effects of spinning reels that are very similar to the sounds of wind-up toys. Nevertheless, you’ll definitely like the fact that this slot game features various Christmassy items including stockings, Christmas puddings, snowmen, Santa’s Elves, Rudolph, the North Pole and Santa himself. 

The Naughty List

You might have been nice the entire year, but you should be a little naughty when you play RTG’s The Naughty List. This progressive video slot has 50 paylines and 5 reels. Just like the rest of the entries on this list, this game is largely inspired by Christmas, particularly Santa’s gift list. The Christmassy backdrop sets the fun mood.

In this game, the naughtiest girls on Santa’s list are Bridgette and Rhonda. And they are not only accompanying Santa, but also everyone who dares to take a chance on getting Wild Santa and Scattered Naughty List symbols. Making this slot even more interesting are other features like Free Spins as well as Major and Minor Random Progressive Jackpots. 

Naughty or Nice

Another progressive slot to try out this season is Naughty or Nice. This is the first installment in the popular series of the same name. It has 50 paylines and 5 reels and offers a fun-filled and nothing short of exciting experience with its “opposites” theme. So whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, this game will give you a fair chance to prove your worth and possibly win the big jackpot at stake. 

In this slot machine, the Naughty or Nice Logo is the scatter symbol. On the other hand, the Nice Girl and the Naughty Girl act as wild cards. You can earn prizes if you keep a close watch for baubles, Holly and reindeer symbols. Inside Naughty or Nice is a Free Games feature that will positively extend your playtime. 

Return of the Rudolph

If you haven’t known yet, Rudolph has left but he has now come back to seek revenge for Santa. Sounds insane, right? But that’s exactly what this online slot game is all about. In Return of the Rudolph, a baseball bat-wielding Rudolph is making his return to exact revenge on the thugs that ransacked Santa’s workshop.

Help Rudolph realize his mission by playing this 50 paylines, 3 reels game that features all sorts of items for its symbols. Some of the items that roll with the reels are presents, toys, sleds, Santa and Mrs. Santa. Important symbols to watch out for are the Wild Rudolphs and the Scattered Thugs as they can make or break your online casino gambling experience. 

The Nice List

If there’s a naughty list, then there’s also a nice list. And this game focuses more on the latter. This 50 paylines, 5 reels video slot is all about Santa’s gifts list. If you’re looking for something Christmassy this season, then look no further. This game not only features a nicely adorned home as backdrop, it also has theme-appropriate background music that will easily get you into the Christmas mood. 

RTG designed this game with the Yuletide season in mind. That’s why every aspect of it and design element screams Christmas. Aside from the festivities, The Nice List will also take you to a fun-filled adventure once you trigger the three bonus games. Of course, big winnings await you when you summon five of the scatter symbol. 

Silver Bells

Do you hear that? Well, that my friend is the sound of money. And that’s because Santa is ringing his Silver Bells. This 30 paylines, 5 reels video slot is set in North Pole. It is a product of internet casino developer NuWorks, and it features a variety of sexy and holiday themed items as symbols. 

Silver Bells is a new game, having been launched just last year. Even though it is relatively new, the game has this late eighties or early nighties feel to it, making it very ideal to players who want to enjoy a little nostalgia while gambling online. This present-filled game is equipped with two progressive jackpots. You’d be super lucky if you were to win any or both of them. 


This game is not necessarily inspired by Christmas but by the blistering cold, winter season. From its name alone, it’s obvious that you’ll run into frozen items when you play this game. This RTG offering is a 20 paylines, 5 reels game that’s offering brave players cold hard cash. 

Despite not being directly inspired by Christmas, Snowmania still features winter symbols like Santa Claus’ jacket, bell, presents, holly, and candy canes. There’s also a gingerbread man to keep you company while you’re scavenging for wild ice. 

Naughty or Nice III

The latest installment to the very popular sexy/Christmas-themed online slot series is here. RTG knows that many just can’t seem to move on from the Naughty or Nice girls. That’s why the company has come up with another sultry game that  features the famous brunette and blonde duo. 

This progressive slot has 50 paylines and 5 reels. As per usual, the Naughty or Nice Logo serves as the scatter symbol. On the other hand, The Nice Girl and the Naughty Girl serve as wild cards. Some of the outstanding features of the game are Wild Naughty or Nice, Total-Bet Multipliers, and the Free Game Feature. 

A Christmas Carol

Ever heard of the book “A Christmas Carol”? This game is inspired by that. Betsoft wants you to imbibe the Christmas spirit and not act like Scrooge this holiday season. But then again, it also wants you to view Christmas from Scrooge’s perspective. That’s why the backdrop for this game is Scrooge’s bedroom. Scrooge is also part of the game, and he is seated on the right hand side of the reels. 

This game has 25 paylines and 5 reels. You need to bar the playing cards and this game and obtain symbols that are taken from the Christmas Carol story. The wild symbol is the one that shows Chicken Dinner. This symbol can replace all of the Ghost feature symbols. Just like in the story, you will meet three ghosts in this game: Past Winning Spins, Future Winning Spins and Present Wilds.

Xmas Luck

Lady luck is going to set beside you when you play this game, called Xmas Luck. This new game from Inbet Games features 20 paylines and 5 reels. As a new game, it’s bound to gain traction from new online casino players who like colored fairy lights, baubles, snowmen, and reindeer. 

This game does not have 3D images or photorealstic design elements. However, it conveys the message of happiness during the festive season that’s why it can warm the cockles of your heart. When playing the game, you will encounter a board game that features wreaths, greenery, and fairy lights. If you’re lucky, you will get to meet the wild and scatter symbols, too.

Stocking Stuffers

Don’t fret when you can’t find the gifts to load up your stockings this Christmas. WGS Technology has this new game that offers big cash prizes. This video slot is very simple since it only has 5 paylines and 3 reels. It’s one of those Christmas-themed slots that will surely captivate you after one round. 

Stocking Stuffers has random bonus games and a progressive jackpot that’s guaranteed to payout when you hit $2,500. It’s not a 3D game, but its design elements are really enthralling for those who like 2D games.