Being a newbie at any casino can be overwhelming, especially when you are at Ignition Casino. However, your first-time slot experience shouldn’t be a harrowing one. Ignition has recommended five of the best online slots that beginners should try first if they want to build experience and develop the right skills and move up to the expert tier. 

Ten Times Wins

This traditional Vegas-style classic slot is easily one of the best games to try as a first-time online casino player. It has three reels, three paylines, and a 10x multiplier that also serves as the Wild symbol. Ten Times Wins has a decent 5,000-coin jackpot as well. All you need to do to win it is line up three wilds in a row on a 3-coin spin. 

Official game description:

“Get a taste of vintage Las Vegas in 10X Wins, a traditional 3-reel, 3-line slot that doesn’t hold back when it comes to fast-paced action. This sequel to 5X Wins gives players more of what made the original so exciting, including a wild multiplier that is now worth double. The 10X Wins logo switches in for all symbols to complete combinations and multiply your winnings by 10X, and that’s just the beginning. Land three wilds in a row and hit the $50,000 jackpot in this slot that is sure to become a timeless classic.”

Sevens and Bars

There’s nothing more basic than this game. It’s like Sevens and Bars was really intended to be a classic slot for novice gamblers. It features three reels and one payline. The symbols are different variants of Sevens, Bars and Diamonds. 

Official game description:

“When yearning for the glitz and glamour of Vegas, you’ll find little that is as iconic as a classic slots game featuring Sevens and Bars. No need to hit up Sin City and cruise down the Strip or Fairmont Street because all you need to do to get the classic Vegas experience is spin into the excitement. This all-American 3-reel slot game is as close to the Vegas lifestyle as you can get from the comfort of your home. So join the action, spin your way to riches and have a good time, Vegas style, by playing Sevens and Bars.”

Heroes’ Realm

If you are yearning for a basic online slot game that has the appeal of modern slot machines, then this one is for you. Heroes’ Realm has three reels and one payline. The game features Dagger and Skull symbols. Match two Daggers and yo are gifted with 10 Free Spins. Get three Daggers and you will unlock 50 Free Spins. Meanwhile, get three Skulls and you can play the Bonus Round.

Official game description:

“Your homeland is under siege and it’s time to embrace your destiny as the hero extraordinaire that you know you really are. Take up arms and get ready to draw your weapon to defend the land you call your own against an evil horde. Be brave and let the bloodlust take over as you join the fray with the symbols denoting a wide variety of weaponry battling it out on the reels. But it’s not just about the swords because your battle features a bit of sorcery too, so use that mysterious magic vial to wreak havoc on your foes. Collect enough skulls and you’ll make it into the bonus round where you’ll go head to head with a horrifying skeletal army. A big treasure chest awaits you should you succeed. Let your battle cry be heard amidst the fog of war as you fight for your life and land in this epic slot.”

Red, White & Bleu

This is also a Vegas-themed slot, but it has a French twist. This 3-reel, 1-payline slot’s simple design is accentuated by its high symbols that include Red Wine Grapes, White Wine Grapes, and Bleu Cheese. Line up three Bleu Cheeses and you can easily earn the jackpot that’s worth 5,000 coins. 

Official game description:

“Grab a baguette and pour yourself a glass of wine – do you prefer red or white? This 3-reel slot pays homage to the French joie de vivre, and you’ll certainly be indulging in the finer parts of life as you spin through delicious batches of grapes, aged blue cheeses and red white and blue sevens. With big payouts and a certain je ne sais quoi, this romantic slot could have you waving a Red White and Bleu flag before you know it. Vive la France!”

Pistols & Roses

Classic slots are timeless. Their plain, straightforward design is their appeal. However, this classic 3-reel, 1-payline slot is like no other. It is inspired by the ‘90s LA rock era with dark colors and dated art. The Pistols in this game serve as high symbols and they are worth up to 210 coins. On the other hand, the Roses act as Wild symbols with a 2x multiplier. 

Official game description:

“Turn up the volume and get ready to rock ‘n’ spin because an electrifying new 3-reel slot has hit the market. If you’re a true classic rock fan, and you love tattoos, guns, Harley Davidson motorcycles and bullet holes, then this game was made for you. Keep an eye out for the single red rose as this sign is wild and will form winning combinations to keep the good times rolling. When you spin the reels of this edgy new slot, you could soon find yourself rolling in the dough and partying like rock ‘n’ roll royalty.”

Check out all five of the best online slots for beginners at Ignition Casino. Visit the casino here, or read our full review.