BitStarz Casino wants you to turn tragic into magic this weekend as the world celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day—one of the most controversial events in Bitcoin history.

What Is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

If you still don’t know the story behind Bitcoin Pizza Day, then we are here to fill you in on that. Reports have it that Laszlo Hanyecz, the first person to ever buy a real-world item with Bitcoin, spent 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s pizzas 12 years ago. The items were worth $41 at the time. 

Today, the amount he spent on the two pizzas would translate to a whopping $300 million. The story reflects just how much Bitcoin has grown in just a little more than a decade. 

Bitcoin Pizza Weekend

This weekend, Bitcoin has decided to give everyone a chance to be Bitcoin-rich. The event actually started on Friday, May 20, and it will last until Sunday, May 22. Players depositing $30 or more this weekend will get to enjoy a 100% bonus.

Unfortunately, the offer is only for longtime BitStarz players or those who have made 4 or more deposits at the casino before the event. Only the first deposit during the Bitcoin Pizza Weekend will be eligible for the bonus.