BitStarz Team has highlighted five cat-themed slots for players who prefer felines over canines. The five games from different providers are purr-fect for all occasions, especially for when you just want to relax and spend time with your furry friends. 

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100 Cats Slot

If there are 101 Dalmatians, there are also 101 cats to keep you company when you play this online slot title from EGT Interactive, A dream come true for feline lovers this game’s reels feature a wide variety of cat breeds. There’s also a crazy cat lady who is willing to replace symbols and help players win. 

It’s definitely a tad easier for players to win this game because of its 100 paylines. The 100 Cats could give players a welcome boost. However, it is up for them to navigate through this game to secure the maximum winning amount of 5,000 coins. Also worth mentioning is the red or black bonus that doubles winnings. 

Brave Cat Slot

EGT Interactive has another killer cat-themed slot at BitStarz Casino. Brave Cat Slot is game inspired by Puss in Boots. As such, players are transported to the fantasy world of the sassy feline. However, there is actually very minimal cat action there. 

The goal of the game is to help Puss escape the armed guards. Doing so could give lucky players 800,000 coins. There is an additional game game that can double up the winnings. If players are not that confident, however, it’s best to settle with the main jackpot.

Cats Gone Wild Slot

Put on your flashy attire because the night is about to get wild with an epic disco party. Spinomenal’s cat-themed online slot is all about having fun, so there are cats enjoying the beat everywhere you look. According to the BitStarz Team, this game has plenty of flash and pizzaz, so it’s definitely going to catch your eye easily. 

Cats Gone Wild Slot offers up 4,000 coins as a maximum win. In addition, players get 12 Free Spins if they can gather together scatter disco cats. A bonus bar is powered up every time the reels are spun, so there’s a big chance that players can obtain the 15x multiplier. 

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Copy Cats Slot

NetEnt’s cat-themed offering at BitStarz has top-notch graphics and very smooth background music. The super-cute kittens will surely entertain players for hours. The protagonists in the game are in search of milk and fish, so players have the ultimate task of feeding them. 

The game offers a maximum jackpot of 50,000 coins, available only when players enter the Copy Cat Bonus Round. Other surprises are in store, so that players can really have a great time with the cuddly kittens. 

Cats Royal Slot

Royal cats reign in the jungle. If you are brave enough to venture into the wilderness, then this cat-themed slot is the one for you. The wild cats in this game aren’t so friendly, especially since they are guarding a huge jackpot. The felines prowl the reels waiting to pounce at the perfect moment. 

Cats Royal Slot has a maximum jackpot of 1,000 coins. It has a whopping 20x multiplier, so anyone who lands a wild on the fifth reel is ensured with a massive win. Try EGT Interactive’s third cat-themed slot and you might be one of the many who brought home epic rewards. 

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