As one of the top-tier casinos in the American market, Bovada Casino has ensured that its clients will always have access to its services, be it gaming or banking. But speaking of banking, Bovada has already made a mark in the industry by having a very modern and technologically advanced payment system. 

With its innovative technologies, it wouldn’t be hard to find a payment mode that would work for each and everyone. That’s because Bovada is more open to more sophisticated payment options and not just the traditional and standard means to do banking transactions. 

To create an account at the casino, head to its cashier and set up a personal profile. The next step is to choose the deposit method of your choice to start funding your account. The site offers  a variety of options, including credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and vouchers. 

Bovada is one of the first to provide support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin alternatives, and other cryptocurrencies. This is advantageous for users of crypto wallets that do not charge for digital transfer of funds. Some of the payment options are viable for both deposits and withdrawals, so choosing one that does both is the best way to set up a casino account. 

Deposit Methods

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • UnionPay
  • MatchPay
  • Zelle
  • Voucher
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin

Bovada accepts credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay as a deposit method. The first deposit transaction is always free of charge, but the succeeding fund transfers will incur processing fees depending on the card used and amount. Some banks may also charge for other fees, such as conversion fees and such. Technically speaking, Bovada does not benefit from any of these because the issuing banks are the ones that charge the fees. 

For users of MatchPay, a peer-to-peer credit trading marketplace, they can use the service to deposit funds onto their Bovada account. It is worth noting that to use the service, they need to make a trade with other buyers and sellers in the marketplace. The resulting credits can then be transferred to their Bovada account. 

For US players, Zelle is a good deposit option because it is a digital payments network that provides a safe, fast, and easy way to send and receive funds. For Zelle users out there, they may set up their casino account with this payment service in mind. 

Bovada is all about innovation that is why it allows a very interesting way to transfer funds. Voucher is an option that allows players to reload their account by purchasing credits (in the form of a voucher) from other members of Bovada. This means players can help each other fund their accounts. The best part is it does not have processing fees. 

As one of the first casinos to support Bitcoin, Bovada makes it easy for Bitcoin wallet users to make banking transactions with its cashier. Bovada also offers Bitcoin-exclusive promos and bonuses, and it does not charge fees for crypto transactions. 

Aside from supporting Bitcoin, Bovada also accepts its most successful spinoff, Bitcoin Cash. Just like Bitcoin, Bovada does not charge fees for transactions done using Bitcoin Cash. However, all deposits must be wagered completely before cashing out is allowed. 

Litecoin is also one of the more successful cryptocurrencies in the market, next to Bitcoin. As such, Bovada did not hesitate to provide support for it. Even though Litecoin has a lower value than Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, it is as reliable and convenient to use as them. It also allows fast and safe fund transfers without charges. 

Withdrawal Methods

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Check by Courier
  • Voucher

Bitcoin users can use the same crypto wallet to collect their winnings or withdraw funds from their casino account. Withdrawing funds is as easy as heading to the cashier and making a cash-out request. Withdrawals will not be processed until all deposit transactions have been confirmed. 

Bovada also allows withdrawals using Bitcoin Cash, a pleasing option for users of the service. But it should be noted that requests for one-time payment using Bitcoin Cash must not exceed $9,500. Should it exceed the amount, the fund will be sent incrementally every 3 days until all of it is fully paid out. 

Surprisingly, Bovada has support for a fork of a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. Yes, the casino allows Bitcoin SV. Approval for withdrawals using the service takes about 24 hours. It does not charge fees for withdrawal transactions. 

Litecoin users can choose the same service for both deposits and withdrawals. This is a strategic move by Bovada since most wallets and exchanges also support Litecoin aside from Bitcoin and its spinoffs. The casino recommends Coinbase and Exodus for seamless banking transactions. 

Ethereum is second to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization. Hence, it is just right for Bovada Casino to also provide support for this decentralized blockchain. Each withdrawal must first be approved by Bovada’s cashier before processing takes place, The whole process takes up to 24 hours to complete. 

Bovada has ensured that even clients who prefer traditional banking methods can also withdraw their winnings from their accounts through Check by Courier. This option will send a check to the user upon request. One free check request is allowed every 90 days. A $100 processing fee is charged for additional requests during the period. 

As mentioned earlier, Bovada allows deposits using Voucher. Interestingly, the same method can be used to claim winnings or withdraw funds. Casino members are allowed to sell their vouchers to other players, so they can receive the monetary value in exchange. The minimum amount allowed is $10 while the maximum is $3,000. Vouchers that remain unclaimed after 6 months will expire and the funds will be lost. Learn more about the casino by reading our FULL REVIEW.