The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage many parts of the world, including the United States. It has changed just about everything and restricted how we should live our lives in order to hamper the spread of COVID-19 and eventually flatten the curve. 

Among the sectors badly hit by the coronavirus outbreak is the casino industry. As more states are gearing up to reopen, some casinos are also preparing to open their doors once again to their patrons and loyal clients. But things won’t come easy when they do reopen. 

In Nevada, the Gaming Control Board has enforced strict guidelines on how casino establishments should operate once they reopen amid the pandemic. Among these guidelines is the rule on limiting occupancy to 50% for each gaming area inside the casino. 

While the world has yet to find an effective cure or vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, governments are still urging everyone to practice social distancing. This will be applied inside the casinos as well. The guidelines indicate that casinos should remove every other chair from gaming machines and limit the number of people allowed to play at table games. 

Although the guidelines may seem very limiting on the part of the casinos, many owners and operators are willing to uphold them as long as they are allowed to resume their business. After all, the lockdowns have already affected their revenues. 

“If it’s 50 percent and six-foot social distancing, then you know what, that’s fine,” Court Cardinal, general manager of Casino Fandango, told “At least we’ll get back in business. I don’t think any operator is going to have any issue whatsoever.”

Apart from social distancing and limiting the number of players allowed inside, casinos also need to frequently clean and disinfect their gaming machines and equipment and also make disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers readily available for their clients. Their employees should also come equipped with proper protective equipment. 

All casinos that are reopening amid the coronavirus outbreak should submit a safety plan to the Gaming Control Board on how they are going to operate during the crisis. They are to do so at least seven days before resuming their business.