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How COVID-19 Pushed More Punters Into Online Gambling

The world came to a standstill when the COVID-19 pandemic began, but internet gambling never came to a halt. Instead, it continued to flourish, albeit quietly. And now it has reached a point where it’s undeniable how the global health crisis has somehow made it possible for online casinos to thrive, if not even perform better. 

Based on research, more young adults dabbled in online gambling during the fist lockdown in England. This is in spite of the closure of betting shops and reduction in live sports. The researchers even found that online betting increased sixfold among regular gamblers during this period. 

Younger male punters were found to be more likely to engage in online gambling during the lockdown period than before. Respondents who were more of occasional gamblers also displayed behaviors that caused them to gamble online more than twice as likely than before.

More recent research showed that people who were struggling financially before the lockdowns were put in place due to the novel coronavirus also developed stronger tendencies to gamble online. And researchers feel that as more individuals have transitioned to home working setups, a huge number of people could also give into the temptation of online casinos

As some major sports events have already resumed, just like the recently concluded Euro 2020 Final, so did the interest of regular, casual and new gamblers in sports betting — an area in online gambling that is very likely to grow exponentially amid these COVID times. 

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