Live dealers have revolutionized the way casino games are played online. Gone are the days when players would only rely on simulation to enjoy their favorite online gambling games. However, the concept of live dealer games is not free from faults. Find out the pros and cons of live dealer casino games below. 


Live dealer casino games are the epitome of real-time excitement and fun. Because players are presented with a live video stream of games like blackjack, roulette, or poker, they get to experience a realistic setting where a live dealer shuffles the cards or drops the ball in the roulette wheel. A live dealer basically delivers that real life casino experience right in front of players. As such, players get the feeling that their needs are being catered to as though they were in a brick and mortar casino. 

Another advantage of the live dealer feature of online casinos is genuine communication. Players get to freely talk to live dealers during a game. Live dealers are there not just to lead the games; they will also answer questions and make players feel at ease during each gaming session. The beauty of having a live dealer is that players get a more personal experience. It’s also not uncommon to hear side stories from live dealers that will surely entertain players while playing their favorite casino games, according to Spigo.

A live dealer game may offer the real casino experience, but it is not as distracting as the real thing. Because players get to play games within the confines of their own homes, real casino distractions are unlikely to botch their strategies. Live dealers do offer the authentic live casino feel, but players won’t have to deal with loud music and sounds, flashing lights, and not-so-sober fellow customers.


If live dealer casino games have advantages, it also has disadvantages. One of which is the lack of free games when choosing this live mode. Live dealer games are expensive to run, so online casino companies are reluctant to run free games for the convenience of novice players. In addition, live dealers get paid to do their job. So it is quite impossible for companies to just pay them without earning anything in return. 

One main difference between live dealer games and simulation games is the time required for players to place their bets. When playing simulated games, players can have all the time they need and want to decide on their wagering strategies. On the contrary, live dealers operate just like real casinos. Hence, players are only giving up to 45 seconds and no more than a minute to place their bets, as pointed out by

There’s a bit of a distraction in live dealer games, but it’s really up to players if they would consider this a form of disturbance. Reputable live casinos do certain things to prove that their gaming sessions are live. According to Casino News Daily, some prepare TV screens that stream news channels as background for their live dealer just so they could prove that each session is not pre-recorded. In some cases, players may find it hard to concentrate on their wagering strategies when they see breaking news reports involving accidents, dangers, and whatnot.