Gambling laws vary from place to place. In certain areas, the minimum legal gambling age has been set at 21. However, there are also places that allow 18-year-old young adults to gamble.

Online casinos pretty much adhere to the gambling laws put in place by the local governments of their target markets. As such, not all online casinos are the same. 

Online Casino Critique has decided to introduce a new feature to its website this week—a directory of all its partner brands that accept 18-year-old punters and up. Most of them have support for mobile gambling, which is what most young adults prefer to use when playing online casino games. 

We believe that by having access to this directory, our avid readers and subscribers, as well as guests, can easily keep track of the brands that could cater to their needs. It would also spare them from the hassle of trying out demo games at casinos where they won’t actually be accepted due to age restrictions. 

Most of all, the new feature, 18+ Online Casinos, promotes a sense of accountability to our clients as they navigate through the different online gambling brands—partner or not—out there.