How We Critique

There is a struggle to locate honest, straightforward, and credible reviews on various online casino platforms at present. This is mainly due to the fact that most review sites are affiliated with the companies managing the internet-based casinos, and getting more people to sign up increases their chances of earning more. Online Casino Critique does not work like that.

We value the trust of our readers and we only want what’s best for them. That’s why we are giving everyone the chance to give their feedbacks on the gambling sites they have tried before via through their comments. Each of our published critique has a comment section where people can give their thoughts and opinions on the different casinos we promote on our site. We then make changes or update our reviews to reflect the general perception of players. 

How We Evaluate Internet-based Casinos

Our reviews are divided into five parts: Game Collection, Casino Operation, Sign-up Bonus, Payment Options, and Site Reputation. 

The first part, Game Collection, basically discusses the game suite of online casinos. It is imperative that this is covered to give our readers an idea on the selections that would be available to them when they visit the sites we have reviewed. We also note in this part the gaming software provider of the casinos, so that our readers would know what type of games they can expect from the casino they are planning on visiting. 

Casino Operation is the part that talks about the history of the casinos. Details discussed here include the year when they were founded, the place where they were licensed, and the casino group they belong to. We also mention here if the casino has an Instant Play and or mobile gaming options. Most importantly, this is where readers should look if they want to know whether their prospective casino accepts players based in their region. 

We believe that first impressions last. And for many first-time players, the sign-up bonus is the salient point that would tell them if a casino is worth it. This is why we have this Sign-up Bonus section in our reviews. So far we haven’t encountered a platform that does not offer a welcome package. Most of them also offer quite generous bonuses. By including this in our reviews, we hope our readers could better decide on which gambling sites they want to become members of. 

The four part of our review deals with Payment Options. Finding a trustworthy platform isn’t enough if you don’t have the means to access its premium features. This section helps players see which brands offer secure, safe, and dependable deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Site Reputation is the fifth and final section of our critiques. In this part, we relay even the most sensitive information about the online casinos. If a site has been blacklisted before due to certain issues, we note it here. We don’t want to cover up for their past mistakes. Instead, we want them to better their performance. Meanwhile, sites that have stellar reputation are lauded in this part of the review. 

New Features and Content in the Pipeline

This 2022, we are determined to make our platform more engaging. New features and tools are in the works—all of them are intended to enrich our critiques with more detailed information about the online casinos we cover. We know that you are keen on getting regular updates on the changing promotions and bonuses of the gambling sites, so we are upgrading our USA online casino reviews with up-to-date details. We are also aware that with the swift adoption of cryptocurrencies, you are eager to know which sites are capable of accepting and paying you Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Hence, we are also working on highlighting this aspect in our critiques. To reiterate: new features and tools are coming soon. 

Beyond our coverage on USA online casinos, Online Casino Critique is expanding its horizons to review more casinos for other markets and regions. In hopes of diversifying our portfolio in 2021, we decided to evaluate brands for the UK, Australian, Canadian, and Asian markets. We have already started covering a few UK and Australian brands in 2018. From here on out, we are going to challenge ourselves by selecting reliable platforms that cater to players across the globe and, if possible, to our US-based readers as well.