Slot machines are a staple in land-based casinos, and the same can be said when talking about internet-based gambling platforms. But just because there are numerous slot games available out there, that does not mean that all of them can guarantee you a win. For the most part, it’s really up to you on how to better your chances of winning. But if you are a newbie in the casino industry, below are the best tips and tricks to follow when starting out on your online gambling journey. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The age-old adage is applicable to slots. The best way for you to learn how to strategize for slot machines is by playing the game. Many online casinos are offering a “Play for Free” option, and this does not entail using real money to access their gaming suite. What’s good about playing with fake money or playing for free is you don’t lose anything when you lose a game. This simply gives you time to familiarize the different game features and multipliers of slots. It also helps you decide which slot game you want to bet real money on once you decide to play using real money. Slot machines vary in terms of free spins, bonuses, and multipliers, so trying out an assortment of titles for free will let you decide which ones are worth your time and money later on. 

No Deposit Bonus Codes

Online casinos compete against each other in many ways than one. To attract new clients, they typically offer a variety of promotions. One thing to take note of is the presence of no deposit bonus codes. These refer to bonuses that do not require deposits, so what you are getting is free money to use when playing slots. When visiting an internet-based casino, try to see if it offers free chips to new members. Most casinos offer a $10 free chip as part of their Welcome Package. You need to take advantage of this promo because it lets you win at slots without the risk of losing money. So this improves your chances of winning without you needing to make an initial deposit. 

Target Low Playthrough Bonuses

Online casinos, especially the ones accommodating US-based players, impose different requirements on their bonuses. You may be thrilled to be receiving free chips, but you won’t be that happy when you find out that a high playthrough comes with the perk. The problem with high playthrough or wagering requirement is that you will need to bet big before your bonus is released. A $10 free chip with 50x wagering requirement means you need to bet $500 of your bonus winnings before you could transfer any winnings you have incurred out of the bonus to your account for withdrawal. A $10 free chip with a 10x wagering requirement, on the other hand, only means that you need to bet $100 of your bonus winnings before you could cash out your winnings. So to really win in this situation, it’s best to target bonuses with low playthrough. Some casino sites do not even have wagering requirements. You need to check out or frequent such casinos if you want to improve your chances of winning. 

Avoid Losing Streak Blues

It’s normal to feel despondent when you are having a losing streak. However, this could also be a good sign for you to move on and look for another slot game. Always remember that as a general rule, you need to move on to the next slot machine or online slot game if you haven’t won anything after playing on a machine for too long. Online casinos use random number generators that make each spin a unique event. Hence, your chances of winning does not increase based on the number of times you play on a slot game. If you really want to have a better chance at winning, move on to the next slot game every time you play 10 or more rounds on a slot machine and not win anything. This way, you get to try multiple titles, and, if you’re lucky, you may stumble upon a “loose” machine or a slot that is very likely to pay out more often. 

Choose Random Over Progressive Slots

Yep, progressive slots are more inviting than random slots. For one thing, they offer bigger jackpots that increase over time depending on the number of people who lose while playing the game. The ever-increasing mega jackpot of progressive slots is definitely a temptation that is hard to keep away from. However, you should know that progressives are difficult to win over. In contrast, random slots offer better odds of hitting the jackpot, despite the fact that the jackpots of random slot machines aren’t as big as progressive jackpots. Not all slots are created equal. Progressive slots are designed to reach massive mega jackpots, so that more players would be attracted to playing them. Meanwhile, random slots do not have increasing jackpots, so the overall chances of winning them are higher. Therefore, random jackpot slots are more practical than progressive jackpot slots.