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Responsible Gaming

Online Casino Critique is all for Responsible Gaming. We want the members of our community and our clients to enjoy guilt-free entertainment, and so we want each and every one of them to be accountable.

We only partner with Online Casinos that also promote Responsible Gaming. We believe that having a similar view on the issue could help us grow together and help the online gambling industry thrive. 

Age Restriction

We do not condone underage gambling. As such, we require visitors to give their age before we can provide them with full access to our website’s features. Our main goal is to provide our adult members access to good quality online casinos and their promotions. We humbly request our members to keep their accounts and passwords safe and out of reach of minors should they have a young person residing in their household. 

Staying in Control

Online gambling is designed to provide entertainment remotely. Because of this, some punters might lose control of their finances if they engage in this type of diversion regularly. Gambling was never designed to be a main source of income, so we strongly urge our members and clients to not treat it like one. Each one should be in control of their betting habits and set time limits to their gaming sessions. It is also a must to keep track of losses and monitor the bankroll. 


Casino games are games of chance. Players should put this in mind every time they play a game at any of our partner Online Casinos. Creating a budget at the start of the game is one way to ensure that players do not exceed their limit. During a gambling session, players are advised to keep track of wins and losses, so they don’t walk away with nothing. 

Professional Help

If you or someone you know shows signs of having a gambling problem, we urge you to contact the following organizations to obtain professional help:

U.S. National Council on Problem Gambling
Gamblers Anonymous
California Council on Problem Gambling
Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling

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