As SlotoCash Casino celebrates its 15th anniversary, Mr. Sloto has decided to step up and fully embrace the innovation that is NFT (non-fungible token). The online gambling site is launching its very first NFT collection. 

Mr. Sloto believes that NFTs offer a radical way of investing funds, and so it is taking pride in being one of the first casinos to offer the digital asset. Every season, SlotoCash will be releasing a limited number of NFTs at the minimum possible price. 

How To Buy NFT

Players may collect the seasonal NFTs that are bound to skyrocket in terms of worth in the future. One day, they could be worth thousands of dollars each, so now is the best time to purchase them while they are still relatively affordable. 

To join in on the celebration, players only need to connect their Ethereum wallet with Open Sea. Visit the site and purchase a SlotoCash-exclusive NFT with your Ethereum balance. 

The system provides a step-by-step guide on how to buy a Mr. Sloto-branded NFT. The last step is to hit Checkout, and this will open your MetaMask wallet. Confirming the purchase will automatically secure the NFT of your choice. 

Exclusive Perks

Purchasing any of the items from the spring NFT collection will automatically grant players with huge rewards before the year ends. Come December 2022, NFT collectors will be given the following incentives:

  • $250 Manager Cash Token
  • A gifted Limited Edition Xmas NFT
  • Entry to the exclusive $10,000 tournament with Bitcoin prizes