The sea of online casinos is filled with mysterious creatures. Some very big ones are just after the punters’ money. Other weird-looking ones are just out to scam new players. But there are also creatures that want nothing more than to maintain peace in this sea by showing inherent trustworthiness to clients. Among them is Captain Jack Casino.

Captain Jack has been in the industry for more than a decade. It was launched in 2008 and quickly established a huge following thanks to its trusted software provider, Realtime Gaming. In addition, the casino offers highly commendable customer service manned by highly trained and educated professionals. 

However, Captain Jack did not just stop there. It has also introduced a unique feature on its website called Recordable Trust. Its clients’ trust is, after all, the most important thing for the company since it’s the thing that helped it flourish and stay in the competition for years. But what is Recordable Trust?

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The feature was designed to strengthen the relationship between the casino and its members. On its core, it is simply a financial and game history feature. But it actually does more than simply showing the activity of a user. 

Recordable Trust enables players to review every wager he/she has ever placed, locate the exact time and date of the specific amount he/she wagered and even provide the winning and detailed game results for each bet the player has made. It also displays the deposits and withdrawals made by the site member at a particular time. 

Showing all these details gives players the ability to keep track of their gambling habits. It also promotes responsible gaming — something that not all online casinos out there are doing. With this, it just goes to show that Captain Jack Online Casino is really worth the trust.